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Do you really know what AdBlue® is?

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First, let’s understand what really AdBlue® is…

AdBlue® is a liquid, clear solution which consists of pure water and automotive urea (32,5%). AdBlue® is injected into the exhaust gasses of a diesel-powered engine to reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in combination with SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) technology. In the heat of the exhaust gasses, the AdBlue converts to Ammonia and in the catalyzer neutralizes the harmful NOx and converts them to nitrogen and H2O (steam).

What is pure water? It is not the water you drink every day. This water is de-mineralised or de-ironised to make it “pure water”. So making AdBlue is not simply adding urea into the water. It is a bit more complicated… 🙂

Same for urea. The urea used is manufactured specifically for the production of AdBlue. Few suppliers can produce the high-quality urea needed to ensure AdBlue complies to the stringent ISO 22241-1 specification.

That was the technical part!! In practice, AdBlue® is a solution that helps to clean up the NOx particles that your Diesel’s Car, Van, Truck or Bus releases into the air.

Since January 2016, AdBlue® is mandatory for most diesel engines from generators to the biggest non-road vehicles.

We have been talking about AdBlue® and legislation since the beginning of this article and you certainly think “But where on earth can I find my AdBlue® tank on my vehicle?”

AdBlue tank is not always where you expect it to be!


AdBlue tank

Well, it depends first of all if your vehicle is diesel or not, remember? You need a diesel car to have the “NOx killer”. On trucks, most of our #truckers friends have been using AdBlue® since 2006, 10 years now, so they pretty much know where to find it. But what about cars?

Before we take a look at the cars, did you know that today, a truck pollutes less than a 10 years old diesel car?? The law requires the trucks to release 0.4g/kWh. This was a great achievement for our planet knowing how many trucks are on our roads today bringing you Amazon’s product home!

In today’s EURO 6 legislation, a diesel car must emit less than 0.08g/km of NOx

Now let’s talk about cars. A car from 2000 (Just 16 years old) releases more than 0.56g/km of NOx. Today, the EU law requires that cars emit 0.08g/km of NOx. This is an impressive improvement in such a short period, isn’t it?

Did you know that it was first requested from car manufacturers to demonstrate in laboratories that they could develop engines capable to meet these emission levels and it is only from September 2017 that “on the road” tests will be carried out to verify that it is really the case?

In practice, AdBlue® needs to be injected at a specific dosage, based on the engine speed and load. Today, the cars are made to be as light as possible in order to reduce the CO2 emission. The car manufacturers, therefore, need to reduce the size of some components, the Adblue® tank being one of them. This is why it is fairly small and you need to fill it a few times a year.

On the exact same car, diesel emits less CO2 than a petrol car!

Just so you can compare, if you drive a lot on long distances, a 2016 diesel car emits less CO2 (100 g/km for the new Peugeot 3008) than the Petrol version (Around 117g/km for the new Peugeot 3008)… This is a fact and you definitely need to take it into consideration when looking for a car. Also, check what is the overall pollution generated when producing an electric car as compared to a petrol or diesel one. You need some really special materials to make the battery and they do pollute a lot more than you think!


Anyway… Let’s come back to our subject: “where can I find my AdBlue® trap?”  Long story short, today, the vehicle manufacturers tend to standardize the position of the AdBlue® tank and you can usually see a blue cap next to your diesel trap. However, you can also find it under your trunk’s carpet, on the other side of the diesel trap, and in some other places too. So check your vehicle manual to be sure you will fill in the right tank!

You now have 2 400 km left before the car stops, so better to fill in your AdBlue®

Car driving with AdBlue, GreenChem

Now, you know where your AdBlue® tank is! That’s great! What about filling it? Many options are available. You can go to your garage when the AdBlue® light shows up (Be careful you only have 2 400km left before your car stops) and ask them to fill in your AdBlue® tank… Other options, maybe more convenient for some of you who drive a lot, is to buy canisters in retail gas stations. You can find GreenChem AdBlue4You® in many stations today.

You will find on the shelves many different AdBlue® solutions and prices. Always keep in mind that this is an ISO certified product and that it must be written somewhere. At GreenChem, we provide 4L canisters, convenient for most cars with a dedicated NON-DRIP spout which will avoid spilling AdBlue®. In a close future, you will also find AdBlue® pumps in the gas station. This will also make your life easier!

Promotion of our product is not the aim of this article. Just be aware we, as AdBlue4you by GreenChem, provide a solution for you.

You now have the basic information about AdBlue®. You just have to drive and fill in your tank when required! In case you need any information about AdBlue®, our local subsidiary will always welcome you and give you the right information about this product!

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