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SMART Mobile

Designed for various industries, this mobile system is available with a capacity of 250 or 450 litres and allows you to simply refill your machine in the field. The design provides you with a quality solution for correctly storing and dispense AdBlue® wherever you need it.
This mobile system provides you with the best solution for filling up AdBlue® during a working day on the field. Instructions to use:

  1. Simply put the system at the back of your truck, drive to your machine
  2. Connect the system to a 12V battery and start the pump.

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Technical characteristics

► Fitted with a self-priming pump
► Optional Flow meter 250 l or 450 l tank capacity
► Double anti dust and rain cover
► Automatic or plastic nozzle
► Tank material: LLDPE (Linear Low Density
► Polyethylene) UV-Resistant
► Pump capacity: 30 l/min Self priming pump
► Protection class: IP54
► Filer neck: Two sizes filling option, including filter for nozzle filling
► Protection cap: Lockable dust protection cap